iOFFERdealer is an online auto exchange that connects consumers with multiple auto dealers, at once, creating competition among dealers to earn your business. This is the first step in taking control of the car buying experience.

How it works:

First, select the vehicle you are interested in, then submit your offer. iOFFERdealer will contact multiple dealerships with your offer, to create competition among dealers to earn your business, this will result in the best price for the consumer.

This tool was created to help consumers save time and money in the car buying experience. The initial questions a salesman has, when a consumer enters a dealership is "What vehicle are you interested in?" and "what is your desired price?" iOFFERdealer allows you to answer these questions, to multiple dealerships at once.

For the first time you can make an offer to multiple dealerships, before ever stepping foot in a dealership. Use to buy your next car!